3 Tips On How To Study In College

3 Tips On How To Study In College

For most students, going away to college is a new experience in life and it will encompass more than just academics. However, all social ventures aside, the reason you are in college is to learn about a specific field of knowledge. While meeting new people and trying new things are all part of the college life, it’s important to prioritize your agenda, and that usually means placing your school work fairly high on the list. For some, the new level of independence can be daunting, but there are a few ways to make sure you study right and get good grades in return.

Self-Control Is Key

There will always be something to do in college, no matter what time of day or how far along you are in the semester. If you want to play a sport, there will be others to join, and if you want to go to a party, it won’t be difficult to find a group of people who will want to go as well. It’s important to understand this so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on something just because you need to study. Plenty of students will fall for this silly idea that if they don’t attend something fun when invited, they’ll miss out on something spectacular. However, there is always time for fun, so don’t worry!

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On the other hand though, studying requires a good portion of time and focusing on exams. Having self-control means knowing when to skip the social events and hit the books, allowing you to keep your priorities in check. While making new friends and enjoying new experiences are all perks of the college adventure, they’re merely secondary advantages. When it’s time to graduate, it won’t matter how many people you met or how many parties you went to. What will matter though are your grades, so put your classes first!

 Create A Study Routine

This branches from your self-control, but creating a schedule will help studying become part of your daily routine, leading it to become second nature in just a short time. Research has shown that studying in the same place at around the same time and at the same level of effort will help you retain more information and understand the material better. Just as getting to sleep and waking up at the same time each day will create a better night’s sleep, creating a study routine will help your mind adapt to a “learning mode”, preparing you to absorb as much information as possible and allowing you to focus more. Finding the right routine can take time as it calls for a perfect approach for each study element. As most colleges offer a plethora of areas for studying, it’ll help if you explore your options to find what’s best for you. If you enjoy a quite area, you may want to try the library later in the evening, as there will be less people. However, if you prefer a bit of background noise and some fresh air, a comfortable picnic table on campus can be a great spot to catch up on some reading.

 Use Study Groups

Study groups aren’t for everyone, especially if you prefer to study alone, but for many people they can be very helpful. Studying with others from class can help you approach the material at different angles, as each student may have their own ideas and perspectives throughout the course. While study groups can often go off course due to the friendly camaraderie, they can be beneficial to those who are struggling with certain parts of the syllabus.


Following these tips can help any college student get into the swing of things, as they call for all the right elements. A good studier will need to prioritize their time, while also preparing to study session. Each student learns differently, so be sure to try a few variations of these methods before committing.