5 Tips for Building confidence and self-esteem

Building confidence and self-esteem is something that everyone should work on. There is nothing that gives you more confidence to succeed. And I mean it does not need to be some remarkable success, but at least knowing that you have managed to keep your desk tidy for a week can be a “success-event” for you.

1. Look at your past successes often

An important factor in the confidence and self-esteem takes just five minutes to write or just re-consider your past successes. Even if you go back to the third year of school! I can remember one day in elementary school my teacher set my picture on the top of the blackboard. The gift she gave me to my first effort to draw an apple tree, stayed with me throughout school, and I will trust myself about art for the rest of my life. Everyone can remember the times when a friend, teacher or parent congratulate them.

2. Learn to be proud of yourself

It was my experience when working with people who did not have high self-esteem and I think it is the only area that we should consider, before loading on the objectives and strategies for success of other. I have seen beautiful young women say that their nose was too short, legs too long, too high brow, I said: “What a beautiful girl she is.” People often think better about us than we.

3. Look at your own Talk

The next item on the confidence and self-esteem is to watch what you say about yourself. Catch up, saying things like, “I made a mistake, as usual.” “I’m unlucky all the tickets were sold.” “Glad you enjoyed the cake, I’m not good at cooking,” etc. In addition, you must watch what you say to yourself. Are you unconsciously saying, “I knew I ruin everything? Can I not do anything for once? ” Often, your self-talk is much more severe criticism from others and it is certainly more repetitive!

4. Take Action Challenge you and every day.

Learn to take certain steps you challenges, is another key point in building confidence and self-esteem. I taught English for years for foreign businessmen, and one of their huge blocks was answer the phone in English (a foreign language for them.) During the course, I would always slip a little unexpected phone call “authentic”. It has always surprised me that after doing this several times, their anxiety about to dissipate. If they do not understand, they have learned to ask the speaker to repeat. Take some action every day to do something that you are a little shy to do, if taken over-ripe tomatoes at the store, or tell your neighbor down the volume on his TV after 12 p.m. because you need to sleep.

5. Learn how to program your subconscious

Finally, when it comes to building confidence and self-esteem, do not forget to learn to program your subconscious by repeating and saying aloud positive affirmations. For years, the movement of self-growth was advocating this, and yet how many people do it? To determine to practice these five tips and you will find that slowly but surely, you will build self-confidence. The amazing thing is that when you respect yourself, you find that others also respect you. This, after all, is a world of thought. The Universe will reflect back what you give.

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