Persuasive Maneuvers, or: Client Squeezing Deluxe

  • You should create and publish rich informational, somewhat emotional and word-spreading content on relevant subjects, optimized for pre-selling and supporting the other channels you can use, in a strategically dropped magazine of your own instead of touring the town with a huge branded bus offering free hearing tests. That does not fit your single 55 square meters shop.
  • You should present yourself as the personality you are and create a buzz around your brand. Your new logo is perfect for that. Communicate what only you have, and what the others don’t.
  • As for your store, you could take the route of building up your brand and encouraging word of mouth effects by creating viral subjects based on campaigns of a new and unusual, thus effective nature which have not been seen in your industry until now – and which are very cost-effective.
  • Also, you can establish special interest pointers at key decision-making spots of your potential customers instead of sending expensive promotion teams around shopping streets to perform free hearing tests.
  • You have to improve your lobby work. Your goal is to establish a dedicated lobby, which will precipitate in a significant increase of your return and revenue.
  • Do you know what you could achieve by actually planning strategically? By simply adding certain marketing-driven elements to your business?

Give yourself a credit.

I have worked with clients in businesses similar to yours before. Have you heard of X? Or Y? Do you know where they were before, and where they are now?

Loosen it up.

All this is possible with a far less need of investment than you think. I could figure some things out for you.

An approach like this is not normal, you know that. You don’t learn these things in vocational school. This approach has not been used in your industry yet. And that is exactly why it is going to work. In fact, I think this is the only way you can uphold your business in the near future and eventually grow.

Call to action.

Does this sound interesting to you?

There is one thing though. This sort of strategic marketing will make you earn money. But it will not be next month for sure. It won’t be in two months either. To do this, we will create a fifty-two weeks marketing plan together. We will work together closely. I need your expertise about your market and your experience to construct the master plan, then I will execute it for you. We should notice movement in about twenty weeks. You have to be willing to put in some time, and a little patience. Shall we do this together?

The answer was yes.

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