Public Relations in a StartUp Public relations are an almost essential for proper and effective communication important tool


  1. Significantpositioning. When presented with something new to us, all we need to find out what it is. But if the explanation of what is new is messy and cumbersome, we lose interest, discard it and never really got to know if we were interested in what was new. That said, ensuring the success of  Startups knowledge of our product and we intend to meet the need, will necessarily pass approach by a clear, concise and direct, what we want to communicate, and what will be the strategy and tools to carry them out. And we must not forget that in this approach of what will be the basis of our public relations, we must bear in mind what is our competitive advantage. Therefore, the first task will be to translate the key ideas that match the stated above, thus generating set that will make a guide who we are and what we want to achieve positioning
  2. Define your sensibilities Start Up If we start to look at that right now we face, we see a human being equaled us. But yet within that equality it is totally different from oneself. There is something a little different, no? Well for a company it is a very similar process. Therefore, we must observe and analyze well our competitors, comparing them with our business and after that, our business identify the strengths and weaknesses that we can find.
  3. Proper Preparation of a list of media. To make your startup is known and not get to be a brilliant idea that nobody knows, public relations and communication will be the key. But to succeed the public relations, previously you must assemble the list means that you agree to meet your goals. This seems obvious, but sometimes, to not be clear from the beginning, you can lose a lot of the efforts that you bear as far as communication is concerned. That said, these lists are not only ready, but must necessarily turn into relationships. We have contact and familiarity with the members of this list. This is a matter of time, friendliness and courtesy. Today, these relations is getting easier thanks to social networks like Facebook or Twitter, which will be good drivers to help build those relationships with those media and journalists who have the opportunity to talk about your business. Moreover, even if you think you do not need, do not ever let go of, never leave to care. Communication and the evolution of a company can change on schedule at any time, and if you care and you protect your relationships with the media list, always can use as a tool.
  4. Creation of a press kit. Once we are clear what to communicate and to whom we must clarify what content will be the one to show us. If we establish those relationships we talked about before but did not provide content, they will feel empty and meaningless keep. To do this, Startups must create what we call Press Kit. This folder will contain within it all that we could be required to communicate and public relations, without searching this information by the immensity of the documents that can accumulate an entrepreneur. Some of the documents that should be there are, among others, company logos in various shapes and sizes, images representing the team or the company, information on the company (brief description of it), templates of press releases, invitations, announcements, contact the head of communications. These are some of the most important parts inside this new folder, but do not forget that here also could have a whole section called crisis communication.